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Famous Quotes By Anuj Somany

  1. The word ‘I’ symbolizes own EGO as sage says, ‘YOU’ sounds ADVICE directed towards others and ‘WE’ signifies ACTION as it involves everyone alike; A true leader defines and differentiates oneself from others by often constructive ACTION than ADVICE and the same reflects in one’s language. - Anuj Somany
  2. An effective way to drive away the negative person from own network is to never like the people’s looks but only positive outlook, and soon the toxic guy feels suffocation for not getting appreciation. – Anuj Somany
  3. An effective way to drive away the negative person from own network is to never like the people’s looks but only positive outlook, and soon the toxic guy feels suffocation for not getting appreciation. – Anuj Somany
  4. The dirtiest minds amongst the adult males are perhaps the ones who back-up their support to the women,
    but back- out seeing when the men are in the same situation. – Anuj Somany
  5. Babies are always adorable but most adults are horrible. – Anuj Somany
  6. If a person truly considers own opponent a termite ,then both will be never seen sharing the same platform on any occasion at any time either in day or night unless they are parasite to each other. – Anuj Somany
  7. It can easily be seen through experiences that the more a person loves a car or bike, the less s/he has care towards the people. So never go by such people's good words but by their deeds only. – Anuj Somany
  8. A self-seeker attracts merely opportunity-seekers & blood-suckers around oneself and they arrive often in big numbers and appear also under the disguise of followers and supporters only. – Anuj Somany
  9. If a person says that the private company appoints justly, appreciates correctly & appraises rightly the performance of its sincere employees, then the people should probe instantly to know his hidden intention, real source of income & importantly how he attained his power, place & position in an organisation. – Anuj Somany
  10. A child who is very close to own father is likely to grow up as a better person for the nation and the world
    than a kid who is too close to own mother. – Anuj Somany
  11. A monkey plays only with the monkeys, a donkey only enjoys the bray of the donkeys; these and other examples prove that the NATURE helps round the clock to bring & bond together automatically every living creature of the common internal features and there is absolutely no glitch possible in its working & the people can’t be an exception. So rest assured, a person doesn’t need to surround anyone or go around finding someone better & beautiful as everything depends purely on everyone’s own nature and no one has a different associates than who s/he is as character in life i.e. a good individual gets only the good, a positive stays always with the positive and so it goes with the others. -Anuj Somany
  12. A horde of people around a person could be anyone except his friends, fans or followers; if they stay in, either online or offline, with him, but do not GENUINELY say or support the truths or facts with him. – Anuj Somany
  13. A person who speaks out often the thoughts with the word ‘YOU’ seems to be in some sort of baseless hue of superiority that s/he has an authority to give all an advice & they have to think her/him as wise. - Anuj Somany
  14. A seeker of the material pleasure can never be a true motivational speaker, but only demotivator eventually for s/he can never uplift the morale of the spectators who are economically weaker. – Anuj Somany
  15. A large majority of people will never appreciate a person’s good work no matter how selflessly he does it for others until they see their own benefits only stemming out of his efforts’ results. – Anuj Somany
  16. He who expects the respect from others for himself could neither get along well with any woman especially his wife nor can stay for a long period in a job of any organization in his life. – Anuj Somany
  17. There are always two or more ways to say the same points. Choose the best one that addresses the solutions
    without glorifying the problems. – Anuj Somany
  18. You can always have me in your company if you’re fully prepared to be true to yourself to grow as a Human. Yeah, that’s me. Yours Truly, Your Conscience. - Anuj Somany
  19. Motivation is about being honest to oneself to say own thoughts truthfully to others for an inspiration , but almost everyone knows the universal fact that the truth is often bitter ; so a person serving only sweet talk to the people all the time is not a motivational speaker but a self-seeker. – Anuj Somany
  20. A great majority of people have got really a good capacity and capability to forgive, but only and solely to own self and that too quite readily, rapidly,
    regularly and repeatedly – Anuj Somany