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Welcome to Wiki Dragons Search.

The free encyclopedia that anyone can post and edit interesting topics.

Getting Started With Wiki Dragons Encyclopedia

  • I am not going to buy my kids an encyclopedia. Let them walk to school like i did. - Yogi Berra
  • I love photography. And i just eat it up. I feel like I'm an encyclopedia, you know, inside. - Annie Leibovitz
  • The hardest thing was learning to write. I was 13, and the only writing I had done was for Social Studies.
It consisted of copying passages right out of the encyclopedia. - Tracy Kidder
  • The goal is to give people a free encyclopedia to every person in the world, in their own language.
Not just in a 'free beer' kind of way, but also in the free speech kind of way. - Jimmy Wales
  • Today, I give my daughter what i really did not have as a kid: all the silly, dumb, extravagant,
frilly, nonfunctional toys I can force on her. She probably wants an encyclopedia. - Lenny Bruce
  • When I hear other people's stories, I like to believe that they contribute to 'Encyclopedia of Human Experience.' The stories
I hear help me expand my definition of what love is, what pain feels like, what sacrifice means, what laughter can do. - Sarah Kay
  • I had a terrible vision: I saw an encyclopedia walk up to a polymath and open him up. - Karl Kraus

Best Encyclopedia Quotes

  • There's a vast encyclopedia of fears and phobias, and pretty much any object, experience, situation you can think of,
there is someone who has a phobia of it. - Scott Stossel
  • When I was about thirteen, the library was going to get 'Calculus for the practical man.' By this time I knew,
from reading the encyclopedia, that calculus was an important and interesting subject, and I ought to learn it. - Richard P. Feynman
  • I'm a book guy first, and my education came from two encyclopedia. One was an encyclopedia of health, so I became morbidly obsessed with anatomy,
and i thought i had trichinosis, an aneurism, jaundice! And then an encyclopedia of art. - Guillermo del Toro
  • I had an encyclopedia with a list of flags in the back, so I would look at all these flags of China and Liberia and England and Denmark and whatever, :and I learned all the different flags, and I tired to imagine what it would be like to be voyaging on some of these ships. - George R. R. Martin
  • What we need is an electronic encyclopedia of life, with one page for each species. On each page is given
everything known about that species. - E. O. Wilson
  • I sold a bunch of stuff. I sold Omaha Steaks, Vacation packages ... the worst, though, was Time Life Books, because no one wants Time Life Books.
No one wants an 'Encyclopedia Britannica' showing up at their house. - Adam DeVine
  • You have a diasporic black world, and the only why to put it back together again is symbolic. It's like Humpty Dumpty. Whoever could edit the :'Encyclopedia Africana' would provide symbolic order to the fragments created over the past 500 years.
That is a major contribution. - Henry Louis Gates
  • Personally, I would sooner have written Alice in Wonderland than the whole Encyclopedia Britannica. - Stephen Leacock
  • I just do not want to stop finding things interesting. I do not want to ever stop learning.
I want to be a weird encyclopedia of bizarre knowledge. - Brie Larson
  • My original concept was to proved a free encyclopedia for every single person in the world. - Jimmy Wales

Some Encyclopedia Quotes

  • When I was 8 years old, I made my own encyclopedia of American Biography - Johnny Appleseed, Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone,
Charles Lindbergh, my pantheon of favourite heroes. Then I would write my own things and sew them together and try to make my own book. - Douglas Brinkley
  • To create and distribute a free encyclopedia of the highest possible quality to every single person
on the planet in their own language - That's who I am. That's what I am doing. That's my life goal. - Jimmy Wales
  • People take issue with individual aspects of Wikipedia all the time. But it's kind of hard to hate the general idea of a free encyclopedia.
It's like hating kittens. - Jimmy Wales
  • I love working with Scorsese. He's not only a brilliant director and is great working with actors, but he's also a walking human film encyclopedia.
It's fun to talk about movies with him. - Steve Buscemi
  • Me, I'm an encyclopedia. I'm not a very smart guy, but I'm an encyclopedia. You can ask me about anything you want.
probably I have the book; probably I have a first edition. - Jose Andres
  • What I really had was stories, the oral traditions of my parents. We moved so much that that was really our encyclopedia.
A dream world told to me from my parents in the living room. - Juan Felipe Herrera
  • When my generation grew up, our only sources of knowledge were books, teachers, parents and friends.
The encyclopedia was an item of luxury. We faced big limits in what we could learn, where we could be and who we could reach. - Vivek Wadhwa
  • I just signed to do my next book with Ecco Press, a new primer or encyclopedia. This will be my take on what
classic Italian Cooking is. - Mario Batali
  • As for Aamir Khan, he keeps raising the standard with every film. For an artist like me or a newcomer like me,
we can only look up to that and dream, 'When will that be us someday?' There's so much to learn from him.
He is the encyclopedia of acting. - Tiger Shroff
  • In maybe 1963, we had 'Collier's Encyclopedia,' and they sent us their yearly LP. I heard the Beatles talking on there.
That was the first time I tired altering my voice, doing a liverpudlian accent. - Dana Carvey
  • You look into an encyclopedia and ask what fighter can do any type of martial art at a high-caliber level,
my picture will show up. - Demetrious Johnson
  • I would describe myself as having a healthy income, but I sure wouldn't describe the son of a postmaster and an encyclopedia saleswoman
as upper class, by any stretch of the imagination. I would describe myself as decidedly middle class.
I think I'm extremely fortunate. - James Carville
  • Many writers were picked on as children. Why? Because they were weird from the get-go.
They were often to be found at the back of the class smelling erasers, or talking to caterpillars,
or walking down the street with an encyclopedia balanced on their head. - Heather O'Neill
  • A textbook requires a consistent sense of style and a linear structure, hallmarks of a single authorial presence.
An encyclopedia does not. - Clive Thompson
  • Because the world is radically new, the ideal encyclopedia should be radical, too. - Charles Van Doren
  • Writing an encyclopedia is hard. To do anywhere near a decent job, you have to know a great deal of information bout an incredibly wide variety of :subjects. Writing so much text is difficult, but doing all the background research seems impossible. - Aaron Swartz
  • I can clearly trace my passion for reading for reading back to the Jonesboro, Georgia, library, where for the first time in my life I had access to
what seemed like an unlimited supply of books. This was where I discovered 'Encyclopedia Brown' and 'Nancy Drew,' 'Gone with the Wind' and 'Rebecca.'
This was where I became inspired to be a writer. - Karin Slaughter
  • I really love rap music. I grew up in the 80s and 90s with public enemy, N.W.A., LL Cool J - I'm a hip-hop encyclopedia. But I got kind of frustrated : with the chauvinistic side of rap music, the one that makes it hard to write songs about love and relationships. - Mayer Hawthorne
  • Encyclopedia Brown Takes the case, 'The secret of the old clock,' 'Are you there God, It's Me, Margaret,' 'Flowers in the Attic,- 'Gone With the Wind'
- these are the books that defined my childhood. They thrilled me. They made me feel like I was not alone in the world. - Karin Slaughter
  • As a pure source of reference, 'Modernist Cuisine' is incredibly helpful. It's like a modern-day encyclopedia, except for a single subject. It's not always the answer, but it's always a starting point. I feel honored to have been able to contribute to it. - Wylie Dufresne
  • I still don't think I've ever read a Nancy Drew book; I probably read three or four 'Hardy Boys' books when I was 10, 11, 12, and I didn't love them at the time. Even then, they felt dated to me, like the word chum - 'my chum and I.' However, the 'Encyclopedia Brown' books, I read all of them. - Rob Thomas
  • Possibly the strangest book ever made, the 'Codex Seraphinianus' is an encyclopedia of an imaginary world, with illegible calligraphy - it is written in an alphabet no one can understand - and surreal drawings of odd beasts and machines. - Russell Smith
  • The architect who first inspired me to follow this profession was Sir John Soane and his Regency home; well, his three homes, now a museum. The place is like an encyclopedia of paintings, antiquities, furniture, sculptures, and drawings. - Anouska Hempel
  • I have been collecting recipes and information for over 20 years, but three years ago, my editor said to me, 'You're a walking encyclopedia of food, so why don't you do an encyclopedia?' - Gil Marks
  • It's a funny habit to write encyclopedia entries. It's not a mass taste. - Sue Gardner
  • We are always taking a hard look at how life was in the past in coming up with interesting subject matter for our various series, and remembering how much I used to want an encyclopedia as a kid made me realise wanting a set is very unlikely for teens today, and that conversation would be interesting. - Benny Fine
  • When I was a kid, what captivated me about detective fiction were the puzzles more than the detectives or their enemies. And as I've gotten older, I see a lot of merit in setting your investigative sights higher than figuring out how someone stole Encyclopedia Brown's bicycle. - Mark Waid
  • Can life be defined? Well, how would you go about it? Well, of course, you'd go to Encyclopedia Britannica and open at L. No, of course you don't do that; you put it somewhere in Google. And then you might get something. - Chris Adami
  • A person can be only educated but could not be protected from evil people until s/he is true to oneself. – Anuj Somany
  • A person who has gained wisdom through education remains simple and humble, but the people who have gained just degrees or certificates by any immoral means are always seen creating trouble in an organisation by playing office politics, sneering hard workers and snatching others credit et al. – Gain Success Quotes By Anuj Somany
  • A person who is truly learned does not have to snap own photo with the bookshelf in the background to project oneself as well-educated via media picture. – Anuj Somany
  • A person’s education devoid of wisdom is a poison for the entire generation. – Anuj Somany
  • Before speaking about or supporting the theme 'Education For All', let the government make an environment that ensures
    ‘Employment For All job-seekers’ - Anuj Somany
  • Today is our exam but do not worry because a single sheet of paper and 3 hours can not decide our future all the best.
  • Best wishes for your exams. Wish you all good luck. Be confident and just do your best efforts, God will surely bless you all with good results.
Lots of good wishes God bless.
  • What comes easy won't last. What lasts won't come easy. - Positive Independent Quotes
  • You are off to great places today is your day. Your mountain is waiting. So get on your way.
  • Life is the most difficult exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others,
not realising that everyone has a different question paper.

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